Members applying for Conditional Registration (Historic Plates) shall be handed a copy of these Rules prior to issue.
The member shall read and sign the form indicating that they fully understand their responsibilities and agree to abide by the rules.


The RTA registers historic vehicles under the Conditional Registration Scheme, which provides the vehicle with limited access to the road network and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance cover.

At present historic vehicles registered under this scheme are exempt from the payment of stamp duty, motor vehicle tax and national charges.
The Club is incorporated under the NSW Incorporated Association laws administered by the Department of Fair Trading which affords protection for the Executive Committee of the Club and its members and has Public Liability Insurance cover.

The club has the authority to either have a club appointed member or members to carry out roadworthiness inspections or require the member to obtain a “pink slip” for the vehicle.
The RTA requires the member to be a NSW resident.

Full comprehensive insurance may be required by the club.


The member must be a financial member of the Club.

The vehicle must be thirty (30) years of age or older as from the year of manufacture and must be as close to original condition as possible with no alterations except for safety features such as seat belts, turn indicators, period accessories or period improvements.


The member must either obtain a “pink slip” or a declaration of road worthiness issued by the appropriate member or members of the Club. The member will be advised which one is required.
RTA form 1259 shall be completed and must have the bottom right corner completed by the appointed official of the Club and must also have the Club’s stamp in that corner.

The Club shall keep a copy of the completed 1259 form for its records.

The signed form 1259 with the appropriate road worthiness certificate must be presented to the RTA by the member within forty two (42) days to be valid.
Where the Member belongs to more than one RTA recognised Club, the details of the other Clubs may be entered under the special conditions on the form.


  1. Unauthorised use of vehicles registered under the Conditional Registration Scheme shall be treated as an unregistered vehicle and is not covered by insurance.

    Vehicles may be used on a road or road related areas for:
    1.a - Events organised by the Club, another Club, CMC calendar or recognised community organisation provided that it has been documented in the Club minutes, the Club magazine or official day book.
    1.b - Attendance at Club, CMC, Committee or Sub Committee meetings and or activities.
    1.c - Other Clubs activities that have been recorded on the 1259 form.

  2. Any trip for Repair, Servicing or Inspection of the vehicle for registration etc shall be logged with the appropriate Club Official
    2.,a - Receipts of the above shall be available where or when required.
  3. Members may use their vehicle within reasonable distance from place of garaging for refuelling, checking etc. prior to a Club event or maybe weekly to avoid problems with seals, battery etc.
  4. Member wishing to use their vehicle for the carriage of persons to or from a wedding or reception shall first check their legal obligation under the “Passenger Transport Act 1990” with the Taxi & Hire
    Car Bureau of the Ministry of Transport. The use of vehicle must be recorded with the appropriate Club Official prior to the event being undertaken.
  5. Members wishing to use the vehicle for non Club or other Club events not registered above shall first obtain approval from the appropriate Club Official prior to the event being undertaken.


Reasonable Distance –

1. Can be variable depending on city or country location.
2. Can vary dependent upon where the vehicle is stored or garaged.
3. Where vehicle is garaged other than at the Members premises it is reasonable to pick up prior to and return after Club events.


Conditional Registered trucks must meet the following requirements when carrying loads.
1. Loads cannot be carried for commercial purposes.
2. Loads must either be the private property of the vehicle owner and/or carried as part of a Club.
3. Maximum load allowed shall be two thirds the manufacturers limit.
4. Load shall be restrained in accordance with the “Load Restraint Guide”


1. Vehicle shall display Conditional Registration Scheme plates and label at all times. Name bars may also be affixed providing it does not obscure number plates.

2. The RTA Certificate of Approval (Purple Form) shall be kept in the vehicle at all times.

3. Conditional Registration plates are not transferable on disposal of vehicle. Registration Plates shall be returned to the RTA and the appropriate Club Official shall be notified.

4. Remuneration other than petrol allowance shall not be accepted where vehicle is used for commercial purposes, TV advertisements etc.

5. Appropriate proof of movements should be kept in vehicle. Eg: Club magazine etc.

6. Vehicles registered under the Scheme when on a Club authorised event may operate temporarily for up to three (3) months in other states and territories under the same conditions as apply in NSW. Longer periods require written RTA approval.

7. With the permission of the Executive of the primary Club, members with marques other than the Club’s marque may have the vehicle registered under the primary Clubs Conditional Registration Scheme.


I hereby agree to conform to the rules and regulations of this document.

Signature of Club Member Signature of Club Official

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