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A Brief History of the AHMC - Blue Mountains

The club was formed in about 1977 by Ross McRae, Eric North, Alan Fidler and a Mr Sutherland. At the time the people mentioned were members of the Australian Historic Motor Club in Sydney and found attending meetings in Sydney to be difficult. They therefore asked and received permission to create a Branch in the Blue Mountains and at that point the Australian Historic Motor Club - Blue Mountains Branch was born.

The history of the AHMC Sydney was created from 3 men whose names are John Johnston, John Curtain and Bruce Cooper. Together they formed the 30-40 Car Club with the meetings being held at the Australian Hotel in 1967. Not long after the membership of their club started to grow and with much more modern cars it was felt there was a need to change the name of club from the 30-40 Club to AHMC to more reflect the vehicles involved. These organizations were created by these men to gather together like minded car lovers for social outings. The Car Club registration at the time was a nice benefit of membership but not the reason why these people came together.

Ross McRae and Eric North are still members of our Club and are 2 of our 3 original Life Members, the 3rd being Don Kerry from Blackheath who passed away in 2019. John Curtain is also a member of our club into his 90’s, John Johnston is a local of Blackheath and all of these men still love their vehicles.

The AHMC-BM is set up to bring together people who have an interest in road going vehicles more than 25 years old

- To promote the restoration and preservation of such vehicles

- To foster friendship and co-operation by meeting together and participating in organised events

- To promote interest in and use of vehicles which come within the interest of the Club

- To assist members, where possible by their use of the Club library

Australian Historic Motor Club - Blue Mountains is owned and operated by AHMC-BM Incorporated  Registered No. Y16655-11

The Club is also a member of The Council of Motor Clubs NSW

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