Club Meetings

Limited parking is available within the school grounds; please ensure that those who have official items to bring to the meeting have access to this parking. As with all events, your family members are welcome to join us.
On arrival members have the opportunity to buy tickets in the Supper Raffle (3 for $2). The raffle is drawn at the conclusion of the official part of the meeting.
Meetings are usually short and bright, with ample time for chit chat at Supper.Members take turns at providing Supper (the Club covers the cost, to a reasonable level). If you’d like to put your name on the Supper Roster, see our Secretary.

All members are welcome to offer suggestions for events which may be of general interest and to report on events they may have attended with other groups.

Should you need to obtain permission to use your HCRS vehicle on occasions other than Club events, please provide full details to the Club Registrar or other official. Please note that weddings and school formals may not be an appropriate use of HCRS; consider whether the passenger is a family member or very close friend—someone you might otherwise carry in your regular vehicle – before making a request and make sure that there is no hire or reward involved (RMS website has information on relevant legislation)

Even if you are not the Supper person, you may like to assist with the washing up or the clean and tidy procedures. In any case, feel free to hold conversations - especially with new members - so everyone is made welcome; we don’t want people going home with the idea that “nobody spoke to me”!

Can you help out with a story or some photos for the magazine? Even a few lines would be appreciated. Would you like to place an add? The Mountain Manifold is for all members.

Above all, we aim to be a friendly club and we look forward to seeing you whenever you are able to take part in our activities.

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